Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weekend

Saturday was great because I got to drive up and see Riley...I had to wait to drive for a while but I was itching to be able to spend more time with him so I dropped Rocky off at the restaurant after running some errands together and headed up the mountain!
I love that Riley was awake and alert for quite a while while I was there. I was able to have some contact with him, just gently placing my hands over his arms and legs, which is called "containment", which he really likes (especially from his mama!). He gets really wiggly and likes to kick around and move his arms a lot but settles down when he has contact. I love it when his eyes are open! I stayed for quite a while...I could stay all day, I love being with him and just watching him, even if he is sleeping.
He has gained a little weight and yesterday his practitioner says that if he keeps eating well then they will wean him off his IV that is giving him supplemental nutrition and he will just be on breastmilk and they will try adding a calorie booster to make sure he is getting enough calories, especially because he is an active little guy and the more he moves the more calories he burns. Which leads me to a little story the nurse told me about Riley yesterday...
We were visiting Riley at the time when they do his cares, which include changing his diaper, taking his temperature, etc. I love being there to help with that and after changing his diaper the nurse went to shift him to his side (he has time on his side and tummy to help with his digestion but he loves being on his back the best!) and she said she was going to secure his diaper a little more because the other day she had changed him and then a little later when she went to check on him, he had squirmed out of his diaper! He must of been pretty happy about it because even though he doesnt like to be moved a whole lot he was content and just looking at the nurse while she changed all his bedding (he had a little accident!) and put his diaper back on! We will have our hands full with this little guy when he gets to come home and it's something we are eagerly looking forward to.

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