Monday, December 26, 2011

One of the best parts of Christmas was us going to visit Riley...I can't believe how he is changing little by little. I see him every day so sometimes I can't tell until I am looking at his pictures. Rocky wasn't able to go visit for a couple days and he felt like Riley looked a little different. Either way, he is just so cute! :) We are both so glad he is healthy and he is growing! He is gaining weight and is now 2lbs 2oz! He is doing well on his feedings. He has some reflux and sometimes he tries to keep it down and that affects his breathing. His doctors say he should grow out of it as he grows and his system matures.

We took a bunch of pictures on Christmas but I am trying to send them to my gmail from my phone and it hasn't finished syncing up so hopefully later tonight or tomorrow I will have more pictures ready!

Speaking of Christmas, Riley got spoiled this year from family and friends who were so thoughtful to think of him. Thank you! I told Riley all about his gifts and all of you who are thinking about him and praying for him.

Today Riley was feeling nice and feisty and wan't happy to get his diaper changed! (This isn't anything new though!) He made quite a fuss but it is just so cute because he is so little but moves around so much and his face scrunches up and I can't help but laugh a little as I try to calm him down. He just fusses for a little bit and then decides to chill and watch everything going on around him.


  1. Wow he is really growing! He looks so good you guys! Glad to hear he is gaining weight and doing well. What a little fighter! :) You two are doing great! That's awesome that you go see him everyday--I am sure he knows when you're there too. :)

  2. Thanks! lol i really think he does because even if he is sleeping he cracks open his eyes when we start talking to him. it is so cute. thanks for your prayers, we are so glad he is progressing so well.

  3. Wow Laura! Your little guy is really cute. What a scary thing to go through. You are so positive and courageous! Keep it up Mom. I look forward to seeing Riley grow. You, Rocky and Riley are in our prayers!