Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1 week old!

Riley is one week old today! These pictures are from his first week. The last one should be the first one because that is when he was on his first oxygen machine and the tubes went right into his lungs. In the other two he has the oxygen flowing in through his nose, which is a lot easier on him! I like that in the first one you can see a little bit of his hair and more of the shape of his face.

We went and saw him last night and he was off the light for the bilirubin, but is back on today. The nurse said it's normal for him to go on and off. His oxygen levels are really low, at 22-24%, which means he is breathing a bigger percentage on his own! I love that I can call in and get updates on him anytime.

Yesterday he was sleeping a lot so we just stayed a while and watched him and talked to him...I think he knows when we are there because we were on one side of his incubator and his head was turned more to the other side and we couldn't get to the other side because there was a bunch of stuff going on with the baby next to him. He started to cry and fuss and the nurse turned him towards us and he calmed right down. Of course he wanted to see his mama and daddy! :) Two of his aunts also stopped by to visit him in the evening when we were there.

We are so thankful for how well he is doing and how he is improving day by day. He is a feisty little guy and we love him more every day!

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