Wednesday, December 21, 2011

out with the old, in with the new

I had a surprise when I went to see Riley today! They had taken out his feeding tube that goes in through his mouth and had replaced it with a smaller one that goes in through his nose, which is actually more comfortable. He didn't seem to like the mouth one very much (it can irritate the throat more) and seemed more at ease tonight. Plus, I loved seeing his little mouth with no tubes going in. He is soo cute! Pictures don't do him justice, seriously!
When I got to the nicu and to the area where Riley is, I opened the main doors and I heard a baby crying and I knew it was Riley...and it was! They were changing his bedding and setting up his feeding and he was not liking it! He was fussing but then settled down. His nurse says that he will sometimes make a big fuss but not for very long. Plus, I started talking to him so I like to think that settled him down as well ;). He was smiling today some...a few little smile that came and went before I could whip the camera out. In the meantime he are a few others!
Also, he is weighing 1 lb 15 oz, which is the same from yesterday.

This is the mouth feeding tube vs the one the goes in through his nose (which is really thin and I could hardly see it next to his oxygen).

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  1. Stacie just sent me the link to this blog! He is so handsome and I'm so glad he is progressing.