Thursday, December 15, 2011


Riley has been doing great! He "graduated" to a different room, meaning he is progressing! Yesterday we went to see him but it was right during shift change, which i had forgotten about, so rocky had to go back to work and i stayed at the hospital. When I was able to go in and see him he was wide awake with his eyes open! I hadn't seen him yet with his little eyes open and it was so precious! I changed his diaper and got to have some contact with him. The nurse says that depending on his oxygen levels and weight gain, we may be able to hold him next week! That would be great because we would be able to have skin time with him. We don't want to get our hopes up too high, but he is a fighter and a feisty little guy (even the nurses say so!) and we are so thrilled with the progress he is making...we know the prayers of everyone who is praying for him make all the difference! They help us as well.

Rocky got to the hospital a little later on and although Riley was resting/sleeping, when his Daddy got there and started talking to him, he opened his eyes let his Daddy know that he knew he was there! It was so great because Rocky got to see him awake and another side of cuteness!

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