Monday, December 12, 2011

6 days old

We have decided to start this blog about Riley, who is our first baby boy, born Dec 6th, 2011, at just 26 weeks old. This blog is to document all his milestones and the little details about what happened and will happen and how we feel, and also for family and friends who are curious on how he is doing! I am calling his blog "A Surprise & A Miracle" because it really was a surprise that he was born so early and a miracle that he is doing so well and that he is here with us.

Just a little background... My water had broken a couple days before I gave birth (unknown to me as it just came out a little at a time over the course of two days) and when I finally realized that the pains I was having could be contractions and we got to the hospital, i was 9 cm and things went pretty fast after that and Riley was delivered emergancy c-section since he wasn't positioned for a good vaginal delivery. I just wanted whatever would be best for him and get him here safely. It all seemed so unreal and I remembered thinking, "It's too early" and "I can't have him yet!" because 26 weeks IS really early and I know that the longer a baby is in the womb the better it is for his development, all those kinds of things. I was like, "is there any way to keep him in there for a while longer?" Also, I had had a good pregnancy up till this point with no cause for concern and even when I started having back pains I was told it was normal to start having more pain at around 26 weeks because the baby was going to have a growth spurt...things like that...there are so many little details, things I was thinking, how I was feeling, its one of those things that you never forget...I think in general women don't forget the details of when they have their kids, I mean, it is something like nothing else.

After delivering, Riley was moved to the NBICU and they have been great taking care of him. The good thing about being in the hospital a few days was being able to go and see him a lot. We don't live too far away but at the moment I am recovering from the c-section and not driving so I am a little more limited but hopefully that will change soon and I can see him more times a day. My schedule for work is flexible and so I would be able to go and work it to where I can help with his "cares" more, which are his diaper changes, taking his temperature, and basically having more skin-to-skin contact since right now he can only have the least amount of contact because he was born so young and they really want to keep him undisturbed so he can rest and grow. It breaks my heart not being with him every moment and not being able to do a lot with him that normally would happen after birth, but we take comfort in the fact that is improving every day and that as time goes on we will be able to have more contact with him. We are so grateful for all those who are taking care of him!
Oh, and his cares are scheduled so I will schedule my schedule to at least be there for one of them (they do two that are higher contact) and more as he gets bigger.

We love seeing how he is changing. They tell me it was a rough delivery and Riley had a lot of bruises to prove it and every day his skin has gotten better as the bruises go away.
~He is under a special light for bilirubin.
~He started out with an iv going into his lungs but after a few days they were able to remove it and put him on a much less invasive pump since he is breathing more on his own. The new one just goes into his nose and he doesnt really like it but it is a ton better than the first one!
~A few days after he was born they decided to start giving him some breastmilk and he responded really well to it and they have since upped his feedings from every six hours to every three and today they are upping the amount they are feeding him from 2ml to a little more.

So, who does he look like?? His hair is curly/wavy, which comes from Rocky, who had curly hair when he was younger and some of his siblings have super curly hair. It is not super dark though so we aren't sure if it will get lighter or stay that color. He does have blonde hair all over his arms and legs! He has rocky's nose and lips and he has my face shape. He also has Rocky's broad shoulders. He has really big hands and feet (which dont come from either of us!) and he is really long, and Rocky says if he is tall that comes from my side of the family since none of his family are super tall. We havent seen him open his eyes yet but I'm guessing he'll have Rocky's eyes, although as babies that young grow and fill out, that could change.

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