Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy new year 2012! This year has a lot of new adventures in store and we are excited that Riley will be part of them. He is growing and changing and we love the time we spend with him getting to know him and seeing his personality and how much spirit he has in him! We took a ton of pictures in the last few days on my phone (some are clearer than others) and here are a few I uploaded.

It was great seeing Riley a few nights ago because we got to hold him and took our first family picture! He is doing well, and is now weighing 2 lbs 4 oz! Since taking these pictures he has plumped up a little more (I can tell in his arms).
They did start giving him a protein supplement to help with his weight gain but took him off it today because he wasn't having a very good reaction to it so they will see how he gains without it, and if he needs something extra they will try something else.

We try to go see Riley during the hours when they do his cares because he is awake and it is fun to see him with his eyes open! Although, if he is sleeping he will sometimes wake up if we start talking to him (or laughing at his cute facial expressions he makes while he sleeps!) He has given us more smiles in the last couple days, if they are jst gas bubbles don't tell me, I will still say its because he is happy to see us!

Here are some pictures! It is interesting, because when I take pictures of Riley in his incubator it is hard to compare his size to anything (they don't let us put anything in his incubator to compare) but in the pictures holding him you can see a little more his size (mostly head size because he is all swaddled up!).

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