Tuesday, December 20, 2011

our little monkey boy

Rocky calls Riley our little monkey boy because of the hair he has on his shoulders and back. He doesn't know where it came from but the nurses say it will fall out in the coming weeks. He had blonde hair on his body at first and a lot of that has fallen out...it is so interesting to see how he is changing and growing. When I see him kicking and moving his arms around its like I can see in front of me how he was when he was moving when he was in my belly. He loves loves to stretch out his legs!
Today was great spending time with him because Rocky got to spend some extra one on one time with him and they were both loving it! They have a connection (like I always knew they would) and Riley is so content having contact with his daddy and when his daddy talks to him. I loved seeing them together!
Riley has graduated to bigger diapers. I will have to bring home one of the original sized diapers he was wearing and hold it up to a regular newborn diaper to show the comparison. The little umbilical cord stump (I'm not sure what it is really called!) fell out today and so his little belly button is showing now. So cute! Well, basically everything about him is cute ;)
I bought our Christmas stockings yesterday (better late than never! I never found ours from last year) and am excited to fill them, including one for Riley! Mostly so he can look back and photos when he is bigger and know he had a Christmas stocking. I found the cutest monkey for Riley's stocking because he is our little monkey boy! Stockings are more tradition from my family, Rocky didn't have them growing up but I love how they are filled with random fun gifts and growing up they held us over until it was time to open presents...good times! I can't believe it is almost Christmas...time is flying and before we know it Riley will be coming home with us!

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  1. I just read your whole blog! What a fun little guy! You both are so positive! I loved reading about little Riley! He will be a fun baby, I can tell. :) I am so glad things are going well for him. Man he is already doing so well for being such an early baby! Amazing! I think it's all those prayers!!!

    Love you guys! I can't wait to meet him!! You are doing such a fabulous job at being parents already. He is a lucky little guy!