Monday, January 23, 2012

A quick update...Riley is the cutest ever!! He is changing and growing and we love him more and more every day. He is now 3lbs 8oz and it was another little growth spurt for him and the nurse weighed him 3 times to make sure the scale wasn't off because she couldn't believe it! I love to see how he is plumping up a little more as he gains weight.

It has been great to be able to hold him, especially when he is awake (or asleep but it is more fun when he is awake!) and we love talking to him and touching his soft skin and giving him baby kisses.

I love that Rocky was able to go up to the hospital to see him yesterday and the tender moments they had together. Rocky can see more how he has changed since he isn't able to get up to the hospital every day. As he changes our discussion continues about who he looks like!

They did have to put his oxygen canula back in yesterday because he started having some A's and B's and they wanted to make sure he was getting enough flow. This is normal and they will try taking it out again later on but they are also going to try bottle feeding him this week and since that takes a lot of effort they sometimes do better to be on oxygen so they don't have to worry about breathing and eating at the same time. We are confidant he will do just great!

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  1. aww so cute! i cant wait to go see him again. Hopefully this week! the second pic almost looks like he was smiling!