Friday, January 13, 2012

Is it really Friday already? can't believe it. So to catch up a little...i was feeling better monday so of course first thing i went and saw riley! love that little guy. a few things...

~He had an eye test and they found out he has no problems with his vision! yay!! He does have some vessels that are still developing but that is normal and they ruled out an eye disease that is common in preemies.

~He another wing of the nicu. He was in the~ low weight wing but they decided he was stable and good to move to a different area. He has awesome nurses and they have been really helpful and nice in answering all my questions. They also gave me a textbook size "Parent's guide to Preemies" so maybe there are guidebooks! ;)

~He may have an infection because his red blood count has been kind of low so they had to take some blood yesterday and they are going to run some tests. He did so well and i held him and talked to him and he only cried a little!

~Funny story...the nurse had him on his stomach in his incubator (this helps with digestion) and had got him all settled in and went to check on another baby. When she came back over to see how Riley was doing he had scooted all the way up to the edge of his incubator! She said he just looked at her with this little look in his eyes like, "see what i did!" It still makes me laugh.

~He loves being held and it is so nice and peaceful to be there holding him if he is sleeping and talking to him. His weight goes up and down so it's not too much different than before. They are supplementing him to make sure he is getting enough calories.

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