Thursday, January 19, 2012


Riley seems to have grown overnight! No joke...I am there everyday and on Tuesday when I went to see him he just looked so much bigger. It kind of blew me away. I just kept looking at him in amazement, like, who is this baby?? Of course it was Riley but oman, even the next day I was still in shock. His head is bigger...his body is bigger...he looks longer...he is filling out more! He is now 3lbs 2oz so he has gained a whole pound since being born (he had a lot of ups and downs with his weight gain). So, I know it is not a lot and it has been gradual but this little guy is not so little anymore! Although of course he is still pretty little compared to newborns born full term but that's a given.

I didn't take any pictures yesterday. He had a rough day because he had an eye exam and if you have ever had an eye exam, imagine trying to give a baby an eye exam when they don't open their eyes a lot, let alone hold their eyes still when they are open. Poor little guy...I don't like to think about it. Thankfully his eyes are fine! However, he did not want to be messed with after the whole ordeal (they told me about it- I wasn't there) and was sleeping a ton. They kept the lights turned way down so it wasn't as ideal for taking pictures either. He did open his eyes to let me know he knew I was there when I was talking to him and gave me a few sleepy smiles.

They also took out his oxygen tube Tuesday in the early morning and he has been doing great breathing on his own so far! If he has problems they may need to put it in again but for now he hasn't had any. So he just has his little feeding tube going into his nose now. That will be in for a while because they won't start trying to bottle feed him for a few more weeks.

Here are a couple pics from the weekend. I will take more today and you will see how he now doesn't have the oxygen canula and possibly see the difference that he is bigger!


  1. so cute - he has such neat facial expressions!

  2. Ah I am so happy to hear he is off his oxygen! That is wonderful! What a little trooper he is. And Stacie is right. His little facial expressions are too cute!