Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a couple pics from the weekend...well these were taken Friday. I had food poisoning over the weekend and felt awful so I didn't make it up to the hospital to see him yesterday :( That means lots of calls to the hospital to see how he is doing and Rocky trying to make me feel better by saying that I will be able to better see how he has changed after a day of not seeing him. He says that because he wasn't able to go up to the hospital for a day or two and when he saw Riley next he said he looked so different. Either way, I miss my Riley!

He is 2lbs 11oz. They took the feeding tube out of his mouth and put it in his nose, which means a smaller tube and more comfortable for him.

He is sound asleep in the pictures but don't be fooled...he moves a lot in his sleep and he is pretty active when he is awake as well! Either way he is so cute and we are so happy with the progress he is making!

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